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99 Names of Allah

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The 99 Names of Allah are a sacred collection of attributes and qualities. Each name displays a unique aspect of Allah’s essence, encompassing His mercy, power, wisdom, and grace. Reciting and contemplating the names deepens our connection to Allah and provides us with a deeper understanding of His infinite greatness


The 99 Names of Allah are a sacred collection of attributes and qualities. Each name displays a unique aspect of Allah’s essence, encompassing His mercy, power, wisdom, and grace. Reciting and contemplating the names deepens our connection to Allah and provides us with a deeper understanding of His infinite greatness. In this blog we have listed every name, its meaning and an explanation for you to read and reflect upon.

Allah (الله) The Greatest Name

The One who has the Godhood and the power to create entities.

Ar- Rehman (الرّحمن) The most Merciful.

Ar-Rehman bestows His mercy upon all His creatures in this universe.

Ar -Raheem (الرّحيم) The Bestower of Mercy

The owner of Mercy that encompasses His creation. Ar-Rehmaan points to the vastness of Allah’s mercy and Ar- Raheem points out to the effect of this mercy on His creation.

Al- Malik (الملك) The King of Dominion

The one who possesses the attributes of Mulk (Kingdom) , Dominion , authority, power. Allah is the one who possesses the disposals of all the affairs. He commands, makes and does whatever He wants and Allah gives Kingdom to whoever He wants because the real Kingdom belongs to Him.

Al-Quddus (القدوس) The Absolutely Pure.

The one who is very pure. He is fair and above any imperfection, error , fault and shortcomings. He is Tahir (pure).

Al- Salaam ( السلام) The Giver of Peace

The one who is free from all imperfections because of His being. He is the one who keeps His creation safe from any injustice on His part.

Al-Mu’min (المؤمن) The One Who gives Emaan.

The One who affirms and believes (Emaan) His oneness. It is also the One who gives security (Aman) and peace. The One who removes fear and the One Who is faithful. His promises are always true.

Al- Muhaymin ( المهيمن) The Guardian

The One who observes His creation with regards to their actions. The trustworthy one who proclaims the truth. He is the one who watches us and looks after us.

Al-Aziz (العزيز) The All Mighty

The One who overpowers everything and who can not be overcome. It also refers to the One who is extremely precious , none is like Him. He is unbeatable and nothing can prevent Him from fulfilling what He wants.

Al- Jabbar (الجبار) The Compeller

Whatever He wills, happens. He is the One who is exalted. He is the One who reforms. The One who fixes the situation for His creation.

Al – Mutakabbir (المتكبّر) The Supreme

He reveals His power and greatness at every moment and in every incident. He uses His rights, privileges and attributes that are above and beyond the rights of everyone else.

Al- Khaaliq (الخالق )The Creator

The One who brings things in existence. Who invents and innovates without a prior model and then bestows upon them their characteristics of movement and other qualities. He is the One who invents whatever the eye can see and perfects the creation.

Al-Baari (البارئ) The Originator. The Evolver.

The Originator of everything. The One who knows His creation the best. He has created everything in proportion.

Al- Mussawir (المصوّر)The Fashioner

The One who is former of everything. The One who has given everything in creation a special inclination of desire and a special form and a special manner whereby it is.

Al-Ghaffar (الغفّار) The Forgiving

The One who is forgiving and looking over our faults over and over again. He also protects us from the effects of our mistakes. He is the One who can change our wrong deeds in the good ones, in this world and the hereafter.

Al- Qah’aar (القهّار ) The Ever dominating

The One who dominates over everything in His kingdom. He is the One from whom the whole creation has humbled itself and submitted before his Grandeur, power and perfect strength. He is the Vanquisher without ever being unfair.

Al- Wahaab (الوهّاب ) The Giver of gifts.

The One who continually bestows gifts, favors and blessings upon all of the creation. He is the One who gives freely and endlessly without expectation of any return.

Al – Razzaq  (الرّزاق) The provider

The One who creates all means of nourishment and sustenance.The One Who provides the rizq and bestows all means of support and growth for the body, mind and spiritual life.

Al – Fat’taah (الفتاح) The opener/ The revealer / The granter of success

The One who is the judge and revealer. The One who opens what is closed. I.e the door of Mercy, profit and sustenance. He makes clear what is unclear.

Al-Aleem (العليم) The All Knowing

The One whose knowledge is neither acquired through learning nor preceded by ignorance, nor followed by forgetfulness. He is aware of everything.

Al-Qaabiz (القابض) The Withholder

He is the One who withholds and extends. He contracts when it is good and He expands with it is good. He withholds and at other times He gives. This goes for provision of food, life and everything else.

Al-Basit (الباسط) The Unfolder/The Expander

The one who makes ample and plentiful all that is needed. The One who expands and amplifies all abundance. The One who makes the way wide and open. The One who stretches out a helping hand to mankind. The One whose open hand releases joy, comfort and abundance. The One who infuses the soul into body. The One who has filled the heart with spiritual abundance. The One whose glory and abundance fill and expand the heart.

Al- Khafiz (الخافض) The Reducer

He is the One who lowers whoever He willed by His destruction and raises whoever He willed by His endowment.

Al-Raafay (الرّافع) The Exalter

The One whose wisdom chooses the ones to be uplifted. The One who uplifts and elevates mankind above petty desires and selfishness

Al- Muizz (المعزّ) The Honourer

He who gives esteem to whomever He wills, and then no one can degrade that person. And if He degrades someone, no one can give him esteem.

Al-Muzzil (المذل) The Humiliator /The One who degrades

The One who gives esteem to whoever He wills & humiliates whomever he wills. Humiliation is one of the punishments that Allah sends to the dis-believers & the hypocrites of this world. For disbelievers who are devoted to ostentation & seeking others approval , humiliation is a severe punishment for them.

Al – Samee (السّميع) The All hearing

The One who hears all sounds and voices in all different languages. He is all hearing and everlasting.

Al- Baseer (البصير) The All-seeing

The One whose insight sees all things clearly, even the smallest act and both the apparent and the hidden. He is the One who sees and understands all that has been, and all that will be.

Al – Hakam (الحكيم) The Giver of Justice

The One and Only true Judge and always delivers justice in every situation. One Whose judgment is never returned. Who makes the final decision of all matters. He is the One who arbitrates all disputes.

Al- Adl (العدل) The Utterly just.

The One who is entitled to do what He does. The name al-Adl is one of the names that are regarded as ism al-azam (the greatest name of Allah) by both Sayidina Ali and Abu Hanifa. (May Allah be pleased with them).

Al- Lateef (اللّطيف) The Most Gentle

The Most knowledgeable of all the subtle details. His actions are far beyond our comprehension. He bestows gifts that are finely suited to the needs of the creation.

Al- Khabeer (الخبير) The All aware

The One who is acquainted with everything, inner and outer. He is the One who has perfect knowledge and understanding of the real condition, internal qualities and meanings of all that is created.

Al- Haleem (الحليم) The most Forbearing

The One who keeps bestowing blessings, both visible and hidden, on His creation even if they disobey him and make many mistakes. He forgives and doesn’t punish as they deserved. He encourages them to 

repent and give them time to turn to Him.

AL-‘ATHEEM (العظيم) The Magnificent; The Supreme

Al-Atheem means the owner of magnificence and greatness. Allah is al-Atheem. He owns magnificence and greatness both in His personality and in His names and attributes. All of the great things are small in His presence.

Al-Ghafūr (الغفور) The Forgiver of Sins and Faults, The Perfectly Forgiving, The Pardoner

The One who completely forgives our sins and The One who veils or forgives our faults and sins such that they are not seen by anyone else, not even the angels. The One who is the perfection of forgiveness. The One whose forgiving demonstrates excellence, completeness and perfection of forgiveness.

Ash-Shakur ( الشّكور)  The Most Appreciative

Linguistically, “Al-Shakoor” is derived from the root word shukr which conveys the meaning of: an increase. The one who is the Rewarder of Good Works — He is the One who gives abundantly & multiplies the rewards.” (Qur’an, 35:30). Ash-Shakoor appreciates the smallest deeds with an unlimited appreciation; the ultimate example is the reward of never-ending happiness in His Paradise!

Al-Ali (العليّ) The Most High

The One who is above all and exceeds all others. The One whose rank and station are the Most High. The One who is above and surpasses all that has ever been, all that there now is, and all that shall ever be.

Al-Kabeer (الكبير) The Most Grand

The One who is incomparably great. His essence is unimaginably great with perfection, in might, power, wisdom and mercy in all His attributes.

Al – Hafeez (الحفيظ) The preserver

The One whose power preserves the heavens and Earth. He is the guardians and preserver of all the world’s. One who contemplates on the meanings of al-Hafeez and eagerly longs for Him with all his heart is one in whose heart the love for His Lord is borne; the Lord Who protects His servant even when the latter is disobedient to Him, falling short of worshiping Him.

Al-Muqeet (المقيت)  The All-Sustainer/The All-Nourisher

He is the powerful maintainer who sustains, nourishes, protects, and oversees all that exists. Al-Muqeet is taking care of all living beings by sending down all kinds of physical and spiritual nourishment for them! Live your life relying on Al Muqeet. He can sustain and look after the whole creation without ever getting tired, so have faith Al-Muqeet will look after you in the best possible way. Rely on Him to provide for you, nourish you and protect you by never seeking haram means of sustenance or doubting in His power to maintain you

Al – Haseeb (الحسيب) The Sufficient.

He is the one who brings to account His slaves, He always knows their deeds, their lifespans and their affairs. He is the One Who is sufficient. He keeps a record of everybody’s action. Make it a daily habit, for example before you go to sleep, to sit back and do ‘muhassabah: self-reflection/self-criticism. Bring yourself to account before you’re brought to account.

Al-Jaleel (الجليل) The Majestic

The One Who is attributed with greatness of power and status of glory. The One whose greatness and majesty are immeasurable and cannot be comprehended by the senses. The One whose glorious nature is indicated by the great things that are created

*Al-Kareem* (الكريم) The Most Generous.

The One who is the most generous, both physically and spiritually. The One who is continually giving forth the grandest and most precious bounty. The One whose kind, noble and generous essence is most esteemed, valued and honored. The One who endlessly gives all manner of precious gifts, including support and refuge. The One who is eternally giving, even unto those who may not seem (to us) to be deserving.

Al-Raqeeb (الرّقيب) The watchful one/The all observing

The One who is closely watching over His creation. Hearing, seeing, knowing everything. The One who is never absent from any scene. He even knows your unspoken intentions.

*Al-Mujeeb (المُجيب) The Responder to Prayer, The Fulfiller of Prayers

The One who answers prayers and responds to the prayers of those who ask. Al-Mujeeb will often give you more than what you asked for because He will respond to what you need and what is best for you.

Al- Waasigh (الواسع) The All Encompassing

The One whose expansive essence encompasses the whole creation. The power, mercy , generosity and knowledge of Him are boundless . His authority never ends.

Al Hakeem (الحكيم) The Wise.

The One who is Most Knowing. The One who possesses the quality of discrimination between right and wrong and who is free from error or misunderstanding. The One who has perfect wisdom. The One whose wisdom turns mankind back from wrongdoing. The One who is qualified to judge the worth of all things.

Al – Wadood (الودود) The One who is the source of all love and affection.

 His love is intense, constant and lasting. Al Wadood loves the believers and the believers love Him endlessly.

Al- Majeed* (المجيد) The All-Glorious, The Majestic One

The One whose essence is the perfection of majesty and glory. He is dignified and exceedingly generous. He is the One who deserves all the honor and praise.

Al Ba’ith (الباعث) The Resurrector, The Awakener

The One who chooses, who shall awaken and who shall be sent forth. The One who decides who to raise up. The One who awakens the dead. The One who resurrects. The One who rouses up mankind. The One who sends Light into the world. The One who dispatches messengers into the world.

Al – Shaheed (الشهيد) The All and Ever witnessing

The One who is ever observing everyone and everything He created. The One who witnesses the seen and unseen, all actions, intentions and thoughts.

Al-Haqq (الحق) The Absolute truth

The One who is truly existing. His essence is the only reality. His words, actions, rewards, punishment and promises are the truth.

Al- Wakeel (الوكيل) The trustee – The disposer of affairs

The One who can be entrusted with all the affairs. He is the guardian and administrator of all things. Al-Wakeel will provide the perfect resolution for all the matters.

Al – Qawwi (القوي) The All strong.

The One who is beyond all weaknesses. His strength is supreme and unlimited as well as inexhaustible.

AL-Mateen (المتين) The Firm, The steadfast

He (Allah) is Al Mateen. The One who is most steadfast and solid. The One whose strength produces certitude. The One who is loyal, firm and constant. The One whose nature is the utmost firmness and steadfastness.The One who can easily overcome anything through supreme firmness and strength of determination. How Can You Live By This Name? Be firm and ask Allah to keep you firm. Don’t do things to weaken your faith or befriend people who will weaken your faith. Say: يا مقلب القلوب ثبت قلبي على دينك O Turner of Hearts, keep my heart firm on Your Religion.

AL-WALIYY (الولي) The Protecting Friend, The Loving Defender

Allah calls Himself Al-Waliy— The Protecting Friend, the Ally — on five occasions in the Quran. He is the One who lovingly guards and guides His creation. Al-Waliy is the lord and protector of creation, showing the path to righteousness. He is the One who protects, guards, and supports the believer in this world and the next! How Can You Live by This Name?* 1. Strive to be Allah’s wali.

AL-HAMID* (الحميد ) The Praised One, The Praiseworthy

The One and only One who truly deserves all praise, honor and adoration. The One who is exalted, praised and glorified by the very existence of creation. Hamīd indicates one who is praised and praiseworthy due to his own inherent qualities, not due to any specific favor, and who does glorious works entirely of his own volition and according to his own will

AL-MUHSEE (المحصي) The Reckoner, The Appraiser

The One who knows the details of each and every thing. The One who possesses all quantitative knowledge. The One who comprehends everything, small or great, inner or outer. The One who registers and records every thought and deed.

Al Mubdi (المُبدئ) The Originator, The Starter

The One who is the originator of all creation. The One who is the founder of creation. The One who begins all things. The One who initiates all creation.

AL-MU’ID (المعيد) The Restorer, The Reviver

The One who restores and repeats all that has been created. The One who constantly renews, revives and repeats creation. The One who restores and revives the spiritual essence of every person. The One who repeatedly renews mankind’s proper relationship with goodness. The One who repeatedly restores and revives creation, both physically and spiritually.

AL-MUHYI  (المحيي) The Giver of Life, The Bestower of Life

The One who decides what will be vitalized and brought to life. The One, and only One, who can bring something to life. The One who brings the heart to life. The One who revives and grants wholeness, even to the spiritually dead.

AL-MUMEET (ٱلْمُمِيتُ) The Taker of Life

The One who created the inanimate world, to which all living forms return. The One who ordains what shall become lifeless. The One who creates the appearance of death, physically or spiritually.

AL-HAYY (ٱلْحَىُّ) The Ever Living One, The Alive

The One who calls all life into being. The One who animates all life and who makes each living thing different and distinct.

AL-QAYYUM (ٱلْقَيُّومُ) The Self-Existing One

The One whose nature it is to exist. The One who is free of any dependence on anything else for existence. The Ever-Living, Self-Existing One who is the foundation upon which all things exist.

AL-WAJID (ٱلْوَاجِدُ) The Finder, The Wealthy

The One who has discovered and obtained everything. The One who perceives and possesses everything. The One who has no wants and who lacks nothing.

AL-MAJID (ٱلْمَاجِدُ) The Glorious, The Glorious and Majestic

The One who is glorious, dignified, majestic, bountiful and exceedingly generous. The One whose essence is the perfection of majesty and glory, abounding in goodness. The One whose majesty, glory and generosity deserve all praise and honor.

AL-WAHID (ٱلْوَٰحِدُ) The One, The Manifestation of Unity

The One unique starting point from which all else has arisen. The One source from which all of creation springs forth. The One whose unity includes all that appears as diverse, separate or individual.

AL-AHAD (ٱلْأَحَد) The One, The Unity

The One who has ever been and ever remains alone. The incomparable, unequaled, indivisible One. The One who is the essence of Unity. The Sole One. The One and Only One. The One who has no second [that shares] in the lordship, nor in the essence, nor in the attributes. The One who was not begotten and has never begotten. The One who depends upon no other, and to whom there is no likeness. The One in whom all names, attributes and relationships are united.

AS-SAMAD (ٱلْصَّمَدُ) The Eternal, The Satisfier of All Needs

The One who is eternal and above whom there is none. The One who is unaffected, unchanged, and without any needs. The One who is besought by all, and who is above all. The One who can satisfy every need and without whom no affair could be accomplished. The One who satisfies every need as it should be satisfied, and not necessarily as mankind might imagine. The One who is the sole recourse, the only one to turn to. The One upon whom all depend, yet who does not depend on any.

AL-QADIR (الْقَادِرُ) The All Powerful, The All Capable

The One who possesses the power and the ability to measure-out anything and everything. The One who has the capability to make any decree and to determine what will be. The One whose decree determines the measure and distribution of all things. The One who does as He wills, acting or not acting in accord with whatever He decides.

AL-MUQTADIR (ٱلْمُقْتَدِرُ) The Creator of All Power, The All-Determining

The One whose supreme power determines and delivers the suitable measure of all things. The One whose decisions always prevail. The One who has power and ability to ordain all things. The One who is empowered to do whatever wisdom decides. The One who has the power and ability to decide the outcome of all matters. The One whose power enforces all decrees and ordains the course of all affairs. The One whose decree prevails in every situation..

AL-MUQADDIM (ٱلْمُقَدِّمُ)  The Expediter, He Who Brings Forward

The One who moves things forward. The One who grants advancement. The One who expedites things. The One who advances or promotes..

AL-MU’AKHIR (ٱلْمُؤَخِّرُ) The Delayer, He Who Puts Far Away

The One who delays or postpones. The One who puts off advancement. The One who holds back or keeps something back to put it in its proper place. The One who causes something to lag behind.

AL-AWWAL (ٱلأَوَّلُ) The First, The Beginning-less

The One who is the first, the beginning, the foremost. The Prior-Existing One who existed before all of creation. The One who was before any thing or any being. The One who is the cause of all the worlds. The One who is the beginning of every action, command or thought.

AL-AKHIR (ٱلْآخِرُ) The Last, The Endless

The One who remains after all of creation has passed away. The One who is the last, the conclusion, the ultimate. The One who is behind all of creation. The One beyond whom there is nothing.

AL-BATIN (ٱلْبَاطِنُ) The Hidden, The Un-manifest, The Inner

The One who is veiled from our sensory perception. The One who is unseen, yet whose existence and essence are made known through signs. The One who knows the inner states, inner circumstances and inner thoughts of all of creation. The One who enters unseen into all of creation. The One who is concealed within all of creation. The One who is the secret inner companion.

AL-WAALI (ٱلْوَالِي) The Protecting Friend, The Friendly Lord

The One who is the sole planner, implementer, governor and ruler of all things. The One who is the supportive, helpful master of all things. The One who is the friendly and protective ruler and governor of all of creation.

AL-MUTA’ALI (ٱلْمُتَعَالِي) The Supremely Exalted, The Most High

The One who is exalted above all of creation. The One who is beyond the highest…. beyond the beyond. The One who is far beyond any imagination, thought, limitation or ideal of mankind.

AL-BARR (ٱلْبَرُّ) The Righteous, The Beneficent

The One who is kind, gentle and ample in goodness. The One who is the doer of good, both materially and spiritually. The One who is kind and gracious. The One from whom every good deed comes. The One who bountifully bestows the gifts of tolerance, gentleness, goodness and kindness. The One who is ever-merciful and compassionate.

AL-TAWWAB (ٱلْتَّوَّابُ) The Ever-Returning, Ever-Relenting

The One who beckons for our return. The One who repeatedly turns mankind toward repentance. The One who forgives those who return to goodness. The One who restores to grace those who repent. The One who rewards good deeds. The One who forgives those who forgive others.

AL-MUNTAQIM (ٱلْمُنْتَقِمُ) The Avenger, The Disapprover

The One who disapproves of wrongdoers. The One who reminds us when our behavior is not right. The One who is the avenger (such that we need not seek any personal revenge). The One and Only One who has the right to exact vengeance.

*AL-AFU* (ٱلْعَفُوُّ) The Pardoner, The Effacer, The Forgiver

The One who blots out and leaves no trace of any sin or fault. The One who passes over and absolves any fault. The One who can remove and obliterate all traces of wrong actions. The One who can make any sin, error or fault disappear.

AL-RAUF (ٱلْرَّؤُفُ) The Most Kind, The Tenderly Merciful

The One who bestows boundless clemency, tenderness and affection. The One who shows the utmost compassion, pity and tender mercy. The One whose gentleness, kindness and mercy are beyond understanding.

MALIK-UL-MULK (مَالِكُ ٱلْمُلْكُ) Owner of all Sovereignty, The Master of Kingdom

The One who possesses all authority to act in any manner, at any time, in any way. The One who is lord and master over all worlds, whether manifest or un-manifest. The One who has all mastery and authority to decide what shall be created, what shall be sustained and what shall cease to be.

DHU-L-JALALI-WAL-IKRAM (ذُو ٱلْجَلَالِ وَٱلْإِكْرَامُ) Lord of Majesty and Generosity, Lord of Glory and Honor

The One who is most precious, revered and honored. The One who is the glorious and majestic lord of all generosity and bounty. The One who is the possessor of all glory and honor. The One who is the owner of every manner of blessing, perfection, honor and majesty. The One whose presence bestows majesty and generosity. The One who is the source of awesome splendor and abundance.

AL-MUQSIT (ٱلْمُقْسِطُ) The Most Equitable, The Just

The One who is most equitable and just. The One whose ways are balanced and just. The One who establishes justice. The One who creates harmony and balance. The One who does away with injustice. The One who leads mankind to justice and harmony.

AL-JAMI (ٱلْجَامِعُ) The Gatherer, The Uniter

The One who reconciles and unites.The One who gathers together that which had been dispersed. The One who assembles and arranges. The One who composes, arranges and connects together.

AL-GHANI (ٱلْغَنيُّ)  The Rich, The Independent

The One who is self-sufficient. The One without need of anything. The One who transcends all needs. The One who is completely satisfied. The One who is free from any wants. The One who is free from any dependence. The One who flourishes without help or aid of any sort, yet who is needed by all. The One upon whose wealth and riches all others depend.

AL-MUGHNI (ٱلْمُغْنِيُّ) The Enricher, The Bestower of Wealth

The One who gives wealth abundantly. The One who provides all that is needed. The One whose wealth fulfills all needs. The One who enriches all of creation. The One who creates all appearances of independence or self-sufficiency. The One who bestows satisfaction and contentment. The One who bestows spiritual wealth.

AL-MANI (ٱلْمَانِعُ) The Preventer, The Protector, The Defender

The One who averts harm, physical or spiritual. The One who guards from harmful situations. The One who prevents undesirable actions. The One who impedes or hinders wrongful action. The One who stops one thing from harming another.

AL-DHAR (ٱلْضَّارُ) The Distressor, The Afflictor

The One whose wisdom may choose to use forceful corrections. The One who creates adversity or distress in order to discourage or correct wrongful behavior. The One whose wisdom may use situations that have an outward appearance of being harmful.

AL-NAFI (ٱلْنَّافِعُ) The Propitious, The Benefiter, The Source of Good

The One who helps and who grants all advantages. The One who creates all that produces benefit and usefulness. The One who grants all favorable circumstances. The One who confers all benefits. The One who is continually blessing all of creation with goodness and all that is useful. The One through whom all needs are fulfilled.

AL-NUR (ٱلْنُّورُ) The Light, The Illuminator

The One who is the divine light of all the worlds. The One whose light illuminates the heart. The One who is the light of wisdom and guidance. The One whose light clarifies, manifests and reveals. The One light by which the obscure is made clear. The One who clears away all darkness and directs aright.

AL-HADI (ٱلْهَادِي) The Guide, The Leader

The One who continually shows the right way. The One who kindly guides aright. The One who sends prophets and messengers to guide mankind. The One who guides hearts to a knowledge of the Divine essence. The One who is the source of all guidance. The One who faithfully continues to guide right until the goal is finally attained.

Al-BADI (ٱلْبَدِيعُ) The Incomparable, The Absolute Cause

The marvelous One who originates, commences, invents and creates all that exists, without any model or material. The One whose incomparable will-power first brings into existence all of the unique and amazing creations without any similarity to anything else that has ever existed. The One who creates in wonderful, awesome, amazingly original ways that have no precedent whatsoever.

AL-BAQI (ٱلْبَاقِي) The Everlasting, The Eternal, The Everlasting

The One who has always existed and who will never cease to be. The One whose existence has neither beginning nor end. The One whose existence is beyond the realm of time. The One who existed before all of creation, and who will remain after all of this creation has come and gone. The One who is everlasting, perpetual, beginning-less, endless. The One whose existence is eternal. The One who remains forever, unaffected by time.

AL-WARIS (ٱلْوَارِثُ) The Supreme Heir, The Inheritor of All

The One who remains after all of creation has perished. The One to whom all returns. The One who has everlasting ownership of all that has ever been and that will ever be. The One to whom all possessions return when the possessor is gone. The One who inherits all that we have done.

AR-RASHEED (ٱلْرَّشِيدُ) The Guide to the Right Path

The One who unerringly decrees, appoints or ordains the right way. The One who is the supreme director to the right path and right belief. The One who perfectly and righteously directs all matters toward their proper conclusion. The One who needs no aid to direct all affairs rightly.

AS-SABUR (ٱلْصَّبُورُ) The Timeless, The Patient

The One who is most patient, steadfast, and enduring. The One who is not moved by haste to carry out any action before its proper time. The One who patiently endures and does everything in its proper time and proper manner, no matter how long that may take. The One who patiently accomplishes each thing in its proper time, in the way it needs to be and according to what it requires.


Recite the 99 names of Allah to deepen your understanding of His infinite greatness and draw closer to Him in devotion and reverence. You will transform your heart, find solace, strength, and spiritual fulfillment from embracing this sacred practice.

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99 Names of Allah

The 99 Names of Allah are a sacred collection of attributes and qualities. Each name displays a unique aspect of Allah’s essence, encompassing His mercy, power, wisdom, and grace. Reciting and contemplating the names deepens our connection to Allah and provides us with a deeper understanding of His infinite greatness


A Guide to Performing Tahajjud Prayer in Islam

Tahajjud, also known as the Night Vigil or Qiyam-ul-Layl, is a unique and voluntary prayer that holds immense spiritual rewards. It is a time when the world is quiet, and hearts are more receptive to the divine connection. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) emphasised the virtues of Tahajjud, stating that it draws believers closer to Allah and expiates sins.”

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