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Our Services

Children Islamic Classes (Madrassah)

Our aim is to provide a quality Madrassah education for our future generations

The Islamic Centre of Britain Madrassah will operate as an evening supplementary school providing Islamic education in a range of subjects to boys and girls from the age of 5 to 16 years old. We aim to provide an outstanding level of service in an engaging, fun and safe environment so that each of our students can excel to their full potential. We set high standards in teaching and learning through the implementation of a well-designed broad curriculum which is taught in an innovative and engaging way.

The current services are being operated by Qadria Trust; the umbrella organisation for ICoB.

Education Structure

We have developed a structure
to fit the needs of both students
and parents.

We understand that students
learn in different ways and at
different paces. With this in mind
we will be offering online as well
as onsite classes.

Madrassah Classes:

Both our Online and Onsite
classes run from Monday to
Friday at the times below:

• First Session: 4.30pm - 6.00pm
• Second Session: 6.10pm - 7.40pm

Note: Students will attend
either first or second session
(depending on availability).

Hifz Classes:

The Hifz class will provide an
opportunity for students to
memorise the Holy Quran under
the supervision of a senior qualified
and experienced Tajweed teacher.

Hifz classes run from Monday to
Friday at the times below:

• Hifz Session: 4.30pm - 6.30pm

Our Curriculum

We believe a broad, well-balanced syllabus is central to the success of any Madrassah and many years of development, thought and consultation has gone into devising our syllabus. All lessons on our syllabus have been meticulously filtered through and selected from well-known textbooks and resources.

The 4 components included in our curriculum are:

  • Qa’ida and Quran recitation with tajweed
  • Islamic Studies
  • Salah and Duas
  • Memorisation
  • Islamic Etiquette and Mannerisms

Qa’ida and Quran recitation with tajweed:

Students begin Qa’ida recitation by focusing primarily on correct pronunciation and articulation of the letters. Great emphasis is put on the Qa’ida as this is the foundation on which any future recitation will be built. 

After successful completion of the Qa’ida, students progress to recite Juz ʿAmma (the 30th chapter of the Holy Quran).

Once students have can recite Qur’an with the correct tajweed, they will be encouraged to memorise some of the Quran beginning with Juz ‘Amma and moving onto the barakah surahs (i.e. Surah Yaseen, Mulk, Rahman, etc). 

Once they have completed the first stage of memorisation, students can progress into the Hifz class in which the remainder of the Qur’an will then be memorised In’Sha’Allah.

Salah and Duas Memorisation:

All students at the Madrassah memorise their salah and important duas, such as those for eating, and sleeping. These are tracked, recorded, and listened to on a regular basis by the teacher. 

Students are given regular homework in which they are to memorise lessons set by their teacher.

Islamic Studies:

Alongside correct recitation of the Quran another primary focus is providing students with a firm understanding of Islam. With this in mind we have developed an extensive syllabus that includes the following subjects:

Aqidah– Basic tenants of faith
Fiqh– Islamic rules and practices
Seerah– The life of the Beloved Prophet ﷺ 
Tarikh– Islamic History
Adab and Akhlaq– Islamic Etiquette and Mannerisms

Islamic Etiquette and Mannerisms:

We believe it is of utmost importance that we develop all children who attend the Madrassah into well mannered young adults. To accomplish this, we have regular sessions and assemblies in which we aim to instil an Islamic ethos in our students. Weekly themes are assigned to the class in which they focus on a particular topic such as ‘How To Respect Your Parents’. In these sessions they will learn both the theory and practice of implementing each given theme into their daily lives.

The Islamic Centre of Britain Madrassah offers each student:
Small class sizes
High-quality Quranic teaching with Tajweed
A structured syllabus taught by qualified & experienced staff (DBS checked)
Development of Islamic etiquette and manners
An enjoyable and relaxed environment to learn in

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Firmly committed to giving women a safe space in the community.


Our aim is to provide a quality Madrassah education for our future generations


National statistics show that food poverty is on the rise in the UK.


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We work hard to make our weekly gatherings accessible for the whole community.