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The Ascension

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This is housed within the Holy Dome of the Rock Masjid at the centre of the noble sanctuary of the Blessed Masjid Al-Aqsa. Prophet Muhammad PBUH ascended into the heavens where the journey continued to the Divine Presence of Allah SWT!

Meeting with the Prophets

Prophet Muhammad PBUH travelled through the seven heavens with Angel JIbril AS, meeting the Prophets stationed at every heaven. Here is a list of the great meetings, according to Sunan an Nasa’i.

  1. The Lowest Sky – Prophet Adam AS
  2. The Second Sky – Prophet Yahya AS and Prophet Isa AS
  3. The Third Sky – Prophet Yusuf AS
  4. The Forth Sky – Prophet Idris AS
  5. The Firth Sky – Prophet Ha’run AS
  6. The Sixth Sky – Prophet Musa AS
  7. The Seventh Sky – Prophet Ibrahim AS

The Lote Tree

The ascension continued, reaching the Furthest Lote Tree (Sidrah al-Muntaha) as mentioned in the Qur’an:

عِندَ سِدْرَةِ ٱلْمُنتَھَىٰ

…at the Lote Tree of the most extreme limit ˹in the seventh heaven…

[Qur’an – Surah An-Najm: Verse 14]

The Divine Presence of Allah SWT

Prophet Muhammad PBUH was brought into the Divine Presence of Allah SWT. This was a great meeting that no eye other than the Prophet PBUH witnessed. What a beautiful and comforting meeting this must have been!

The Prophet PBUH mentioned, “Then Allah revealed to me what he revealed to me and then He made obligatory fifty prayers for me every day and night.” [Muslim]

In this great meeting, Salah (prayer) was presented as a gift to the Ummah, to help us strengthen our communion with Allah SWT on a daily basis. Indeed Salah is the believers’ ascension! Through the help of Prophet Musa AS, the Salah was reduced to five daily prayers, with the reward of fifty prayers, Alhumdulilah!

The Gift of Salah

With this beautiful gift of Salah gifted to the Ummah, the Masjid (Mosque) has become an important place of worship, where Muslims across the globe gather to perform their five daily prayers, Jumm’ah and more! Islamic Centre of Britain encourages you to support this ambitious project where 2500 prayer spaces will be provided. Imagine the reward of providing a space for prayer for our future generations! Donate today and help us provide prayer spaces for the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

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