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In the footsteps of Prophet Ibrahim AS

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It is said that one night Prophet Ibrahim AS experienced a dream, in which Allah SWT told him to sacrifice Prophet Isma’il AS, his beloved son. At first, Prophet Ibrahim AS believed this was the devil playing tricks on him and he immediately disregarded it. However, the following night, the same dream occurred again commanding him to do the same. Prophet Ibrahim AS then came to realise that this was in fact a message from Allah SWT.

‘He (Isma’il) said, “O my father! Do as you are commanded. If Allah wills, you shall find me of the patient”’. Surah As-Saffat Verse: 102 (Qur’an)

‍‍The Love of Allah SWT‍

Prophet Ibrahim AS loved his son, dearly. Yet he was fully prepared to follow Allah’s SWT command and do as He was instructed. He took his son to the top of Mount Arafat and prepared for the sacrifice. Upon reaching an appropriate place, he told his son about his dream and what Allah SWT had commanded him to do. Being an obedient son, Prophet Isma’il AS immediately obliged to the wishes of Allah SWT and his father, and asked that his hands and legs be tied so that he may not struggle and that his father blindfold himself so that he does not have to witness him suffer. ‍Ibn Abbas RA said it was, “A ram which had grazed in Paradise for forty years.”  Hadith – Tabari

The Miracle

Prophet Ibrahim AS did as his son, Prophet Isma’il AS had said. When he took the blindfold off, to his surprise, he saw the body of a dead ram in front of him. Prophet Isma’il AS was completely unharmed standing right next to him. At first, he thought that something had gone horribly wrong and that he had disobeyed the order of his Creator. But then he heard a voice telling him that Allah SWT looks after his followers and that he need not worry.

A divine miracle had taken place. Prophet Ibrahim AS and Prophet Isma’il AS had just passed a difficult test from Allah SWT.

This is the beautiful story of love, sacrifice and following the command of Allah SWT behind the act of Qurbani.

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