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History of Mosques in the UK

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There was no doubt of a growing need for Mosques – a place where Muslims could come together as a community, practice their five daily prayers and socialise.

There are many records of the most early Mosques, including;

1. The Abdullah Quillium Mosque (also known as the Little Mosque) – Built in 1887 by an English Muslim convert, Abdullah Quillium in Liverpool.

2. Shah Jahan Mosque – Built in 1889 by Gottlieb Wilhelm Leitner, a Jewish Orientalist and Academic in Woking.

3. Fazl Southfield Mosque (also known as London Mosque) – Built in 1925 in London.

In the City of Birmingham, The Zawiya became the first known Mosque, built in 1941. The zawiya resides in a converted terrace house in Edward Street, Balsall Heath and pre-dates the more famous Central Mosque in Highgate by several decades. It is still a place of worship today.

The Mosque landscape across the UK has increased in great numbers, often seeing Church buildings being converted into Mosques. The Islamic Centre of Britain, will become an iconic landmark Mosque, Community Centre, Education Centre and much more for the community to benefit from.

Indeed, the Islamic Centre of Britain will become part of the historical landscape of the modern Muslims in the United Kingdom,

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