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Mussalla Appeal

How You Can Help

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About the Appeal

Donate towards your Mussalla today and help build the Islamic Centre of Britain for our future generations! With your donation, we’ll be able to complete important design work and lay the foundations of the Islamic Centre of Britain.

Our vision is not just to build a building, but to create a symbol of hope and a crossroads for cultural diversity.

Your Generous Donation will:

  • Help Establish an Iconic Mosque 
  • Support the Creation of an Islamic School for 500 Children 
  • Contribute to the Development of a Community Centre 
  • Contribute to the Growth of a Vibrant Commercial Centre

Many people come into the Mosque throughout the day and many people turn towards the direction of prayer (Qibla) on the very spot you stand. The use of a prayer mat started during the time of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, who would often pray on a mat made out of palm fronds – called a ‘khumrah. This was to ensure that the place where He PBUH was praying was clean. In our modern times, the prayer mat or carpet is an essential part of the Mosque’s interior. 

The Islamic Centre of Britain will have a total of 2500 prayer spaces available including dedicated prayer hall’s for both men and women. Through your generous donations throughout the year, we can envisage to provide a safe and comfortable prayer space for future worshippers. In’Sha’Allah, your donations will enable us to develop all aspects of design work that will allow us to reach the vision of the Islamic Centre of Britain. 

Donate generously and make a lasting difference for our future generations!